Joe Alonzo is a psychic, spiritual counselor, published author and retired nurse. He is a father and grandfather.

Joe embarked on his spiritual journey starting in 1998, after he was invited to a Oglala Lakota Sioux Sundance ceremony. Since then, he has spent many years returning to the Pine Ridge Reservation to participate in the ceremony. The experience bestowed upon him seeing, knowing and healing gifts that he incorporated into his professional practice. He has a documented familial history of clairvoyance and healing, with a grandmother who was a curandera, a Mexican herbal healer.

He has been influenced by the writings and work of Alberto Villoldo, PhD who has chronicled two decades of the study of healing energies of the Americas. Alberto was trained by South American healers and shamans. He has also been influenced by the work of John Livingston with spirit releasement. Joe has most recently trained under the tutelage of Beverly Keyes Taylor and her “Easy Key to Life(TM)” release methodology.

Joe Alonzo’s work as an intuitive spans over a decade, while he was aware of his intuition as a child. Through his personal journey as a nurse and spiritual guide, he has come to the belief in the beauty and peacefulness of life and the transition or death experience. It is a process that he refers to as “Nursing Your Path”. Joe has been chosen to share his gifts with humanity. It is his reason for being, his destiny, to guide and to teach.

It seems we required the “nursing of our infancy” as newborns. It seems only logical that we sometimes require the “nursing of our path” in life as well as when we transition to the eternity of our personal beliefs. He provides assistance in facilitating the release of energies that obstruct or prevent our journey to the Light. Joe has said, “My Creator God has gifted me, and my spirit guides have shown me my birth and my destiny.”

Psychic readings and handwriting analysis have produced favorable results as conduits for the channeling of messages. Joe believes in the Native prayer “Mitakuye Oyasin” (or All My Relations). Healing with the help of those that have gone before us.

Joe is fluent in American Sign Language and conversant in Spanish.