Gifted to Me, My Gift to You

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I have always possessed an intuitive nature. I thought this was a normal thing that everyone else possessed as well. My gift surfaced in my adult life but I’ve always had a “knowing” gift. For example, once my brother telephoned me, I hadn’t heard from him in over two years. I answered the phone and said, “Hello Ray, it’s about time you called.”

Ray’s response was, “Mom told you I was going to call you, didn’t she?” Ray didn’t believe me when I told him I hadn’t talked to mom. I just knew it was him calling. Another incident of my knowing happened when I called my daughter just to check in.

My daughter told me she had just finished cooking dinner and her husband and two children were just getting ready to sit down to eat. She asked, “Guess what we’re having for dinner?” I correctly named  the entrée, two side dishes, and salad. Good guess? No, I just knew.

My sole purpose is simply sharing. I’m not trying to convince you my gift is real. If you request a reading, you will know or you can draw your own conclusion. In almost twenty years, I have never done a reading that was rejected by a client. I am pretty proud of this fact.

My website title stems from my experience and education as a nurse. I‘ve been a healer and I always knew I would work in medicine. At ten years old, I wrote an essay which correctly predicted I would be living in the San Francisco Bay area working in the medical field. I just knew.

It was my destiny, it was fated, unequivocally it was my calling. Do you believe in your destiny? Do you believe in your fate? Is there a power greater than our self that has mapped out our experiences and our lives? Do you have a sense of your calling?

Fate by definition is the force or principle believed to predetermine events and is a consequence or final result that is inevitable. Destiny by definition is the inner purpose of a life that can be discovered or realized.

What you do, decisions you make, can affect your destiny, not your fate. In consideration of these two definitions, I ask, I beseech, I implore the reader to consider nursing your path and nurture your destiny if stagnation prevents forward movement.

Since there exists a direct relationship between your destiny and your legacy in this life, then it stands to reason they are worthy of attention and care.

Consider that as newborn infants, nursing and nurturing are requirements for life, according to the hierarchy of needs developed by the pioneering psychologist Maslow. When these needs are not met, the newborn will “fail to thrive.”

In the newborn it is the stagnation caused by unmet needs which halts progress to the next level of development. This stagnation is the precursor to the newborns demise and the newborn will expire.

When you nurse your path and nurture your destiny, you enhance growth and development, you thrive and become successful. As a Spiritual expression of yourself you have the ability to transcend what is blocking or stagnating your destiny. I urge you to believe in your fate because your legacy is at stake.

My name is Joe Alonzo and I am here to assist you in nursing and nurturing your path. Perhaps you are destined for a change, perhaps not. You won’t know unless you seek the answers, find your truths, and believe in your fate.