Nursing Your Path

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Greetings, Welcome to Nursing Your Path. I am here to do just that. You have embarked on a journey, life’s journey, and it follows a path. Your path leads to your destiny, in your heart and soul, there is a knowing reinforcing your resolve to stay on your path. Clouds get in the way, circumstances if you will, and your path changes direction. Is this fate? Is this the path to a new destiny? This can be a very confusing dilemma, so you ask for clarity, but it is not forthcoming. You have options and Nursing Your Path is one of them. When you nurse your path, you nurture it and you nurture your destiny. You would not be here today if your mother failed to nurse and nurture you while in your infancy. Without nursing and nurturing , as an infant, you fail to thrive. As you got older you realize you have free will, so you make the best decisions for you, you follow your path. Sometimes your path gets diverted and it must be nursed and nurtured or your dreams may fail to thrive.

At Nursing Your Path, with proper guidance, you can embrace life’s challenges and overcome adversity. I offer the tools necessary for focusing and concentrating on any issue so you can develop solutions yourself. These tools are a natural part of your make-up and they have been with you since birth. When clouds get in the way and life throws you a curve, adjust your stance with focus and concentration. Your mind, body, and spirit are connected to everything in life. Nurse them and nurture them, then, master your destiny. Only you know your path. Only you can make decisions which nurse your path and allow you to live your dreams. The abundance is available, you can learn how to harness it. I cannot help you, I can only provide guidance so you can help yourself.


Joe Alonzo, Always, Nursing Your Path