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Joe Alonzo brings clarity to your life through:

  • Psychic channeled readings from handwriting sample
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Grieving and transition support
  • Spirit release
  • Spiritual counseling


I would like to share with you the opportunity I had to have a reading done with Joe. I had not met Joe prior to this date, and his insight into the current events of my life, as well as the hope he gave me for the future, were an indescibable gift. I would recommend Joe’s services to anyone searching for some guidance in their life.

Kim W

Joe, Thank you so much for your outstanding psychic work and handwiting analysis that you did at my party. Everyone remarked how your information was so insightful and helpful. And each person’s reading was so different from each other, so it was obvious that the readings were tailor made to each one. Thanks again,

Ellen S

The channeled handwriting analysis was like a spiritual message to me. It was a warning for me to be frugal with my money and this has really made me stop and think before I spend money. You also said that there is a true organized being inside of me and that has given me hope that it could be my true being. The analysis has helped me be freer of worries, knowing that I will be a prosperous, organized person.

Carol B

I found the channeled handwriting analysis to be very insightful. It gave me a lot to think about. I continue to remember several parts of it as if it is always in the back of my mind. That is how powerful the messages were. They were right on the money. I even re-read the analysis and both continue to get messages and also see how I have progressed since it was written. Thank you for your awesome gift!

Beverly T

Joe has a way of reading my writing that I have not seen matched. From my two page cursive writing he got something that happened about 400 years ago that has to do with me in present time. He mentioned that the people I included in my writing were with me for centuries. He also mentioned a family matter that I have been concerned about including how I might handle the situation along with other details. In my spirit I feel Joe is right on. Joe I just want to say I love you and thank you for this great service you are providing to the people. Much success in all your spiritual work. Namaste

David O

Joe’s presentation was superb, outstanding, wonderful .. very well organized, thought provoking, emotionally nourishing and delivered with humor and heartful sincerity.

Carol A

Joe gave an amazing and heartfelt presentation.


Joe did a terrific job sharing his journey with us. He did so with humor, in a touching and humorous manner.

Dave K

I really enjoyed Joe's presentation. His sincere sharing of his life's journey, peppered with off-beat humor was truly delightful.

Jennifer G

Joe is a good presenter. The message touched everyone and he was able to keep it light with his humor. I see why you're a good teacher, Joe.

Gale M


Channeled Handwriting Analysis

Channeling messages  from your handwriting sample is a gift I received from Spirit many years ago. It took me several years to realize the benefit of this gift. When your “path” in life becomes blocked, or a stagnation is preventing your progress, this service can clear your path in several ways. Your reading is personal and unique to your situation. The reading follows no particular format. I channel and write down whatever comes to me. At one point in my journey to accepting this gift, I offered clients half of their money back if their reading had no meaning to them, a sort of half your money back guarantee. I stopped making this offer after doing hundreds of channeled readings and only paying back one client. In fact, I returned the entire amount when the client responded to his reading with accusations of “no validity” in the channeled messages I delivered. The simple truth is some clients may not be ready to accept my insights and will respond with anger or denial. The day after this happened, the client’s wife came to see me, saying “You didn’t have to give my spouse his money back, your insights were correct.” Channeled handwriting analysis addendum:  Do not throw your reading away, save it. You may not be ready for my insights, thus, my message will not be useful for you. Read the copy I give you at a future time, a couple of weeks or months later, or when you think are ready. If your reading angers you, that is a good indication you are not ready   The Channeled Handwriting Analysis is different from graphology in that it is a channeling of information that is triggered from looking at your handwriting sample. To get this service, write at least one page on unlined paper. Use black ink. It needs to be cursive, not printed. Sign the document with your first and middle name only. Then either scan it and email it to me at [email protected] or fax it to (866) 590-6868. Go to PayPal and send $70 to [email protected]. Include your email address to receive your reading. Normally, you will receive your reading within 48 hours.   Book now by contacting (707) 623-7925 or [email protected]    

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